When it comes to managing keys, tags and access cards, you need a secure and efficient system that you can rely on – wherever you are in the world. You also want a solution that’s flexible and configurable to your unique and changing needs. That is everything you get with Torus – and more.

What is Torus?

Torus is a secure cloud platform that allows you to automate managing the keys (and other items) to your worksites, facilities, buildings, and remote storage points by utilizing the best available information security measures.

It keeps your data safe with best-practice encryption and identity management. This includes multi-factor authentication and one-time PINs. You can access it via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – wherever you are.

Torus integrates with a wide range of access control and visitor management systems- allowing you to control your key cabinets from a single platform. By centralizing key management, Torus provides a single source of truth. As a result, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, improve data accuracy and make informed decisions with unified reporting.

Why Torus is a cut above the rest

Security that’s second to none

Reduce risk and keep your data safe with best practice encryption and identity management. This includes multi-factor authentication and one-time PINs.  

Real-time monitoring

With live, detailed activity recording, you can monitor and manage the status of your assets in real time – from anywhere in the world.

Remote key management 

Make fast, informed decisions with insightful dashboards and reports, anywhere, anytime.

No servers or networking required

Take the pressure off your IT team and costs – while also ensuring maximum system uptime. 

Highly customizable to your security needs

Configure precisely to your needs. This includes alarm settings, user permissions, group handling rules, and more.

SMS and email notifications

Resolve security risks faster and keep the right people informed.

Unique permissions

Restrict unauthorized users and allow authenticated users and user groups to gain access to master keys and authorized keys quickly and easily.

A solution for the future  

With over-the-air updates, Torus is continuously evolving- making it a smart investment for the future.  

Integrates with third-party software

Maintain a single source of truth that controls a wide range of access control and other third-party systems 

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